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Creative Design Ideas for Your Dream Outdoor Living Area

If you are the type of homeowner that wants a more offbeat and unexpected type of look to your home, then you have come to the right place. While there’s nothing wrong with browsing through platforms like Pinterest and websites like Architectural Digest and The Spruce to gain some inspiration, we cannot deny that doing so might leave our homes looking a bit more on the basic and traditional side.

If you want a different type of vibe for your outdoor living area, here are some creative and subversive design ideas and tips you might want to consider.

Use a glass garage door

To add a bit more of an edge to the transition area between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, use a glass garage door instead of a regular sliding glass door or window. It will make your space look unique compared to other houses, adding a “grunge” feel to your space. While you’re at it, it would also be a great time to do some maintenance if your residential garage door needs repair or replacement.

Incorporate a porch swing

Instead of opting for a typical sectional, couch, or sofa, why not opt for something that feels a bit more opulent, like a giant swing or hammock that can fit your entire family and pets? To make it feel high-end and elegant, add plenty of comfortable textures like an incredibly soft mattress, fluffy blankets, some throws, and pillows of different shapes, sizes, and even colors. If the outdoor living space does not have a roof, you can even add a silk white hammock to add to the whimsical feel.

Use wood for everything

If you are blessed enough to live in an area that’s filled with plenty of greenery and trees, consider using only wood materials for everything in your outdoor living space. Mahogany, in particular, can look ultra-sleek and clean. The best part about using mahogany is that it can last for up to two decades if given proper care and maintenance.

Don’t forget your fire pit

fire pit in the backyard

A fire pit is especially useful for properties that are located in places with harsh winters or just cooler temperatures in general. Still, even tropical states can join in the fun. A fire pit is the perfect focal point for an outdoor living space. And in the same way that people gravitate towards a fireplace in the interiors of the home, people will also gravitate towards a fire pit in the outdoor living space as well. It’s the perfect addition for an area that needs more warmth and comfort.

And when it comes to home design, here’s a rule of thumb every homeowner should remember: Do not underestimate the power of a roaring fire to elevate the look and atmosphere of a space.

Be creative with privacy panels

Another thing you cannot neglect when choosing a design for your outdoor living space is your privacy, especially if the space can be seen from the outside. But just because privacy panels serve a function, it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with the design and materials anymore. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Use unexpected patterns, like a lattice fence that creates interesting shadows. This will be wonderful for homeowners that love photography—imagine how the light and shadows fall on you during golden hour. You won’t need to go far for an Instagram-worthy shot.
  • If your outdoor living space looks more like a pergola, consider adding some hanging plants or flowers on your screen. Once again, it will look incredible in pictures, and the greenery and floral will certainly help provide more privacy.
  • Another idea is to have your outdoor kitchen set against the privacy panels.

Consider all-white surfaces

Forbes may declare the all-white interiors trend to be outdated in 2022, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same case for our outdoors. All-white surfaces, in particular, tend to look excellent in a home along the beach, giving off a dreamy Santorini feel. An all-white deck or patio can help add a cooler feel to the area, especially as the sunlight becomes unbearable during warmer seasons. And the best part? If you love gorgeous florals, they pop even more in an all-white space with wood accents.

Let 2022 be the year you finally invest time, energy, and financial resources into your outdoor living space. Not only do you deserve to breathe fresh air in a comfortable space, but it can also help increase the value of your home, should you decide to sell or rent it out one day.

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