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Pool maintenance

Easy Pool Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Swimming pools are always a great addition to a home. They bring a sense of style and class to their owners. But maintaining one each day can be a tough task if you do not have the necessary tips and skills required to keep a pool clean.

You can always host weekend parties and invite friends comfortably by the poolside without spending a lot of cash by hiring a venue. Swimming is also a perfect fitness routine that will help keep you in shape both mentally and physically. 

But for the pool to remain in a luxurious condition, you will have to conduct regular maintenance checks to keep it clean and safe. If neglected for a while, the water will change its color to probably green, with an algae buildup as well as other unwanted materials in it. You can easily keep your pool in its best condition by following these tips:

Daily skimming of your pool

Skimming is an essential maintenance tip for every swimming pool, more so those that are located under trees and other plantations. The process should be done on a daily basis to ensure that the pool is always in pristine condition. You can invest in a proper skimming net for the exercise.

Scrubbing the walls to remove unwanted spots and stains

Every part of the pool, including its walls, should be scrubbed regularly to prevent any growth of algae. Scrubbing can be done with or without it in the pool. Stubborn spots and stains are removed with a solution of water, grease, and chlorine. Chlorine will quickly eradicate any type of algae. In case you notice any cracking, pitting, or spalling of the concrete around the pool, its best to apply an appropriate concrete pool deck sealer to stop the damage from worsening.

Constant checking and replacement of pool filters

The primary function of filters is to eradicate unwanted impurities such as dirt and leaves from the water. But the filters may become clogged by unwanted materials, thus reducing their efficiency. To rectify the problem, you should turn off the water filters, remove the upper part and proceed to clean them. Once you are done, you can return them to their usual position. 

Be sure to check whether the water filters need to be replaced. Also, check the pipes used by the filter system to ensure that they are in their best shape. Switching your pool filters many times will expose them to the risk of cracking. You can overcome the challenge by setting a timer on the filters. Pool filters are supposed to be cleaned on a weekly basis.

You can avoid incurring substantial maintenance costs of a pool by conducting a daily cleaning routine. Always use the right combinations and quantity of chemicals for your pool. This is to avoid making the water appear murky and also to prevent any skin and eye irritation. Also, check your concrete pool deck sealer in your maintenance routine to ensure that it is always in good shape.

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