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What Should You Look for in Your Team Leaders

As a business owner, you must lead your company to great heights and not really manage your people from the ground up. You should have a core team in charge of your operations, not just any other employee but team leaders.

Most businesses fail due to different reasons concerning funding, but there are also cases of mismanagement. Business owners then tend to get surprised by the news that the business operations are already failing. Managers do not exist to simply man business areas, but they are also there to ensure that everything goes as planned.

They make sure that your operations align with your vision and goals, making them your representatives on the ground. They are supposed to carry your vision as accurately as you would, so hiring the right people with the character of a team leader is just as important as anything else.

Skills and qualifications are given when hiring the people that will work for you, but their character also matters. Remember that skills can be learned, competency can be improved, and even attitude can be adapted, but great character? They are hard to come by.


We have already mentioned the importance of hiring people you can trust, so let us start there. A company is every business leader’s brainchild, and it is only wise to be cautious about who you are welcoming to your table.

You need people you can trust. Trust to do the job without selfish agendas. Sure enough, ambition is a great driving force to succeed, but people that are doing what you are asking of them simply because of their own ambitions are not trustworthy.

If you ask employees, most of them will not say no to a promotion. After all, that presents more opportunities. However, you should carefully get to know your prospects’ motives. Are they there to help you grow your business? Or do they want to gain leverage?

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Businesses are always about innovating, making hard choices, and taking risks. A great team leader will not hesitate and play safe, as the only way is up. Forward-thinking is yet another trait you should look for in a manager leader, but accountability weighs more. As some business leaders happen to be manning the helm from afar, managers are the ones calling the shots.

That is also the reason why they exist. Sure, your trusted officers can consult you whether you would prefer glass panels over traditional awnings, tiles, or stone veneer sidings. However, something is already wrong if every business decision concerning the operations would be done by the business owner himself.

Moreover, these business decisions can come with consequences as well, and these should be taken care of by the manager leaders you appointed to be in charge. They should be accountable for whether their initiatives will work or not.

There are also bad days in businesses, and a great leader knows when to take responsibility for what has happened. Furthermore, these people should also know how to fix everything. Being accountable means finding a solution and implementing it, whatever it takes.

Emotionally Intelligent

We have mentioned that skills and qualifications alone should not suffice. People with high intellect are often born to lead, but not everyone works well with people. Your manager leaders will have to work with people. They will have to collaborate and teach, and emotional intelligence is a character that they would need.

Emotionally intelligent individuals are the ones who can understand and be aware of their own emotions. They can put labels on what they feel and even be sensitively aware of how others feel. They are emphatic, compassionate, and understanding, which manager leaders should possess to manage people efficiently.

Moreover, highly intellectual people sometimes tend to be arrogant and full of themselves, which will not inspire productivity and results with your employees. Think about it.


Inconsistency is one of the worst attributes anyone can possess. In business, each working day counts, and there is no room for inconsistencies.

There are businesses whose nature is to meet a certain number of quotas to ensure a successful day. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is one example, and it is where team leaders manage their team’s stats and KPIs. That means showing inconsistencies will affect the whole team and operations. A great manager leader knows how to be consistent with his efforts in managing your employees.

Hiring the right people that will work for you is crucial to ensure your company’s success. It is better that you take your time doing so than hire and fire people along the way.

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