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Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Car

Owning a car comes with the vital responsibility of maintaining it. The maintenance task becomes more than a necessity, especially when you are dealing with top car brands like Ford. Driving such brands comes with pride, and you undoubtedly want to hit the road in a powerful automobile.

For your Ford car to last longer while maintaining its showroom quality, you will need to service it regularly. Regular maintenance will also ensure that you’re much safer while driving. Here are basic DIY tips that can help you maintain your automobile.

Change Brake Pads

The braking system is a crucial component of your car. It keeps you safe by halting your vehicle when the need arises. Braking pads are, however, prone to wear and tear. Most car braking systems involve a ceramic pad pressing on a metal disk to stop the vehicle. Over time, these ceramic pads wear out.

You don’t have to panic in case your brake pads are worn out. Some excellent dealers stock parts for Ford cars in Troy and other locations in North Carolina. Replace your brake pads when you hear a rattling noise, your vehicle swerves, or your car vibrates whenever you hit the brakes.

Inspect Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for filtering out debris from the air that goes into your car’s engine. As you continue hitting the road, this debris accumulates to astonishing levels and blocks the filters. Replacement of your air filters should be done annually or when your car racks up 12,000 miles.

But you shouldn’t wait for the said 12 months before replacing air filters. Inspect them daily. If they appear worn out, go ahead and shop for new ones.

Tire Check


For optimal performance when braking, turning, or accelerating, your car needs tires that are in excellent condition. Make sure to examine the pressure of your tires, its treads, and its overall condition regularly.

By changing your tires frequently, you avert problems that come with worn-out tires like abrupt bursting and poor performance during bad weather. On top of rotating your car’s tires, it’s also advisable to align them, once in a while, to ensure that they are adequately balanced.

Oil Check and Change

Car engines, including those of Ford, need oil to reduce friction between different engine components. But you need to change this oil as it gets dirty over time. Ford vehicles come with a manual detailing how long it takes to change your oil. The interval often varies depending on the model of your car and your driving habits, but some experts say you should perform oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Check Your Car’s Battery

Although modern batteries do not require much maintenance, it won’t hurt checking them daily. Examine whether there is any mineral buildup on the contacts. If any, clean them using a battery cleaning brush. Experts also advise that you replace batteries that have been in service for three years.

Preventive Maintenance

Most Ford vehicles aren’t difficult to maintain. The above guide plus Ford’s car manual should enable you to take proper care of your car. Ensure to also source any required spare parts from Ford-accredited dealers.

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