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Expanded Living: Addressing the Demand for Outdoor Living Areas

The real estate market boomed in the previous year. Despite the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic, properties were bought, sold, or rented at an alarming rate. This surge is expected to continue into the year as the mass migration of people persists.

While the world has begun to traverse the slow road towards recovery, the threat of the virus is still very much real. Moreover, work-from-home arrangements and online schooling may also become a permanent, post-pandemic option for many professionals and families.

Just Beyond the Door

After almost a year of sheltering-in-place, one particular aspect of home improvement has become crucial for many residents: outdoor living. The demand for having a private, outdoor space that’s just within reach has significantly increased.

The unfortunate circumstances that the global pandemic brought forced many to remain cooped up inside their own homes. While a vaccine is expected to roll out soon, some people would still rather play it safe and remain within their own properties.

Expanding living spaces doesn’t necessarily have to entail making a bigger house. Being able to incorporate the world just past the door is what people are looking for. Whether it’s for buying, selling, or renting, always consider these outdoor living trends.

Wooden Deck and Patio Extensions

These platforms made out of wood are one of the simplest ways to extend living spaces. They can serve to be both functional and aesthetic at the same time. Seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces into one big area will definitely make a house look and feel much more expansive.

Choose the right wood stain to match the design of the house when installing these extensions. Ensure that an exterior stain is being applied with the appropriate rags for staining. The formula for exterior stains contains a sealant that will increase the durability of the deck or patio upon application.

Outdoor Kitchens

Another functional outdoor living area that’s increasing in demand is outdoor kitchens. This has been the top project for many residents planning to elevate their space outdoors. It’s fairly complex and difficult to achieve, but the results will surely be worth it.

Having an outdoor kitchen will exude a sense of luxury. Make sure to fill this space with the appropriate equipment. Safety should be a top priority for this project. While grills and brick ovens are suited for the outdoors, an electric stove or other appliances might be less ideal against the elements.

garden with trees

Green Havens

The outdoors are also the best place to find some solace and relaxation. Garden landscape designs have been an appropriate way to integrate the need for nature. This will improve a person’s well-being, whether it’s to take a break from facing a screen all day to simply wanting to admire some greenery.

There are endless possibilities to take when choosing to turn outdoor areas into a garden. Residents could opt to create an edible garden to pick fresh ingredients off of. Create a dynamic area for kids to play on. Serve as an alternative to a professional’s home office. Every iteration will surely have a purpose.

Backyard Cottages

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), or “granny flats” as other people would prefer, are perfect for families living in single-family lots who feel there isn’t enough space. The global pandemic outbreak might have caused some family members to return home due to various circumstances.

Older adults who weren’t really fond of going into assisted living facilities. Adult children who’ve decided to come home temporarily for economic purposes. Whatever the case may be, adding these structures will increase the functional living spaces in overcrowded homes.

Private Sanctuaries

The pandemic has driven many residents to do more outdoor activities than ever. Outdoor areas are usually too open but exercising, meditating, and the like are best done privately. This is one of the more pertinent issues that people are trying to address.

Private spaces are more appealing for countless homeowners. People are now sheltering their side yards, backyards, and covering patios as a response. This trend has been observed to be more crucial in high-density areas.

The Great Outdoors

There are plenty of other ways to utilize outdoor areas in innovative ways to benefit form and function. Leaders and experts in real estate, home renovations, and related industries are definitely taking note of what millions of homeowners are looking for.

The global pandemic has made people find multiple ways to cope with a lot of the stress and anxiety they’ve experienced. Most of them found that having a connection with the outdoors is especially effective. Catering to the increasing demand for outdoor living areas will only bring good news for everybody, regardless of which side of the real estate market they find themselves in.

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