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Four Areas in Your Home to Consider When Staging

Staging a home means that you decorate your interiors in a way that would be most enticing to a potential buyer. It’s meant to showcase your home’s assets and features in such a way that house hunters could envision themselves living there. A well-planned staging of your home would not only make it pleasing to look at, but it would also appeal to their emotions.

Here are four areas in your home you need to stage in order to bring out your home’s full potential.

Living Room

The living room is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so you have to make sure that the space is the most inviting.

  • Make sure it’s clutter-free. If you’ve been using the space as the children’s play area, make sure you remove any trace that you’ve been using the place for this purpose. Put away your children’s toys and any other décor and furniture that could be seen as juvenile away.
  • If you have hardwood floors, take away the rugs and polish the floor instead. Many home buyers prefer wood flooring nowadays, and this could be a major selling point. If it’s carpeted, hire a professional to clean and sanitize your carpets.
  • Make sure all the windows are clean and free from grime, inside and outside. Are your blinds in working order? Replace them if necessary. Use curtains in solid colors that could help tie in the look of your living room together.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is where, as they say, “the magic happens.” For families with young children, this could mean that the master bedroom is where couples can have time for each other. For single adults, the room becomes a place where you can let go of the tensions of the day.

  • Remove traces of personal memorabilia, i.e., pictures, souvenirs and collectibles. Think of how it feels like when you enter a luxury hotel room. Having personal items in the room could take away from that feeling.
  • If you haven’t got one yet, install a headboard. A good headboard will make the room feel more like a sanctuary. As a bonus, if you’re the DIY type, this could be a fun weekend project for you to do.
  • If you’ve been using your bedroom as a work area, move your workspace to another area in the meantime. You’re trying to create the illusion that the master bedroom is the place where they can breathe and relax, and having a workspace in there might only cause stress and anxiety.

Kitchen and Dining Area

tomatoes near the sink

In this area, you want to evoke a feeling of togetherness. You want to create a family-friendly atmosphere where potential buyers can envision lazy Sunday mornings or fun Friday nights with friends.

  • Keep it neat and tidy and free from the smell of cooking. Make use of scented candles to remove any unwanted fragrances in the air. Even better, before your open house, brew a pot of coffee, or bake a loaf of bread. There’s something about the heady scents of coffee and freshly baked bread that make people feel good.
  • If you’re using serviceable floor rugs, invest in more decorative ones that you can easily swap when you’re holding an open house or having a potential buyer look it over.


Most bathrooms are not a house’s big selling point, but let’s face it, you could easily be turned off with a dirty and cluttered bathroom.

  • Remove all cleaning supplies from cabinets in the bathroom, and remove your medication from the medicine cabinet. Yes, potential buyers will take a sneak peek in there, so securing your medication will ensure that you maintain your privacy.
  • Upgrade and decorate the room by buying modern and interesting bathroom supplies from your local store. By upgrading your bathroom, you will not just add to your property value, but you will also be able to entice buyers by giving it a fresh, new look. Also, wouldn’t you want to enjoy your new bathroom supplies while you can?

Selling a home will not happen overnight. You will be entertaining many potential buyers, and most of them will have an opinion on your décor. Experiment with what you have, and one day, you’ll get an offer you won’t be able to refuse.

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