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Instagram Marketing: 7 Tips and Guidelines to Be a Hit in this Platform

Your business needs to be active on Instagram in today’s digital age. With over 500 million active daily users, it serves as an excellent marketing platform to expand your reach to potential customers across the world better. If you’re on the network to give your brand a major, improving your Instagram marketing campaign is a must, to increase your following on a consistent and steady basis.

Besides hiring professionals to develop strategic marketing initiatives and services that would work best for your business, here are easy Instagram marketing tips that can help you expand your reach.

Post Engaging and High-Quality Images

Remember, Instagram is all about gorgeous visuals and content. It’s a known fact that beautiful images and videos promote better engagement. After all, with over 500 million active users, people are continually exploring all corners of the platform, so why not present your business in the best way possible? Ensure your Instagram posts are colorful to make them more eye-catching and drive engagement.

Show What You Do Creatively

When posting content on Instagram, make sure to focus on the solutions you offer and not the products you sell. It’s vital to add value to your customers on the popular image-sharing platform while looking ‘pretty’ when doing it. Never underestimate the fact that the most crucial asset or downfall on Instagram is visual content. So, provide useful content instead of endlessly promoting your product.

For instance, if your business is in the service industry, focus on displaying the services’ process. Meanwhile, for products, sharing some tips and how-to guides can go a long way.

Stay on Top of Instagram Updates

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is constantly changing, and you have to keep up with the latest updates and trends that hit the public. In recent years, the social media platform has consistently updated its look and added new features like stories and IGTV. So, be proactive and stay on top of the latest trends as individual users and influences are often racing to capitalize on these additions.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are prominently displayed at the top of follower timelines, and you can use them to capture behind-the-scenes content that gives your audience a better outlook on your services. Instagram stories adverts have recently become available to all businesses worldwide, allowing you to reach new audiences with ease.


Know What Your Audience Wants

Social data plays a huge role in your Instagram marketing strategy, allowing you to provide content and goods that your followers want, increasing sales and potential leads. You can do this by asking your followers directly about their experiences and honest opinions about your products and services—and swiftly answering their queries.

Use Instagram Insights

Keeping track of your campaign’s process is crucial. The best way to do this is by using Instagram insights, giving you vital insights into the people following and interacting with your profile. These details include impressions, video views, saved posts, reach, website clicks, and follower activities.

Talk With Your Audience and Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram marketing isn’t an excuse to bombard your followers with nothing but sales materials, making it crucial for you to engage with followers as often as possible. Doing this makes your brand feel more ‘human’ and less corporate, which consumers prefer. Additionally, the more users share and comment on your content, the easier it is for new leads to discover your posts.

That’s because Instagram’s algorithms prioritize content with high engagements, so you’d naturally want to appear in as many feeds as possible. You can promote better engagement by sharing some of your audience’s images. You can do this by asking followers to post specific pictures using your particular product, allowing you to gain more leads as user-generated content will always be a powerful endorsement option.

Using hashtags can help you categorize and organize images and video content on the platform, allowing users to find your content more easily and quickly. Hashtags range from general hashtags like #food and #love to concrete ones. When using hashtags, remember not to overdo it, as five targeted hashtags are always better than 50 random ones. Additionally, avoid using ‘overused tags’ like #instagood, don’t spam, and keep them relevant to the photo.

When searching for hashtags to use, make sure to go for ‘branded hashtags’ and apply them to contests, influence shoutouts, and product launches. They’re easier to track and lets you compare several campaigns against one another.

There’s plenty to learn from Instagram, especially when you want your business to stay relevant in such a competitive network. The tips mentioned can help you take your Instagram marketing campaign to the next level—and become a hit on the massive platform.

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