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walking surrounded by trees

Four Ways to De-stress In Nature

When someone mentions roughing it out, do you think of a picturesque cottage with a modern cabin design somewhere in Utah? Ideally, with a microwave, a hot shower, and perhaps a king-sized bed with a duvet? If so, this article may not be for you. We are talking about real ways to reconnect and get down and dirty with Mother Nature maybe as a form of healing or just as a way to discover more about yourself and the world around you. Sadly, none of them involve electricity or a thick comforter. If you’re truly ready to go back to your roots, read on.

Spend a night in the woods

You can be just you, your tent, and some supplies and nourishment. Think of bare essentials, so leave your gadgets behind. The idea is to have as little of a buffer between you and nature as possible so that you can fully immerse yourself in its beauty and splendor. Pay attention to the wildlife that you encounter.

Breathe in the fresh air, marvel at how small and insignificant you are in contrast to the vast stretches of land and sky around you. You can also bring a pen and a journal with you so that you can record some of the fantastic revelations that are sure to hit you.

Dive into a swimming hole


Nope, we don’t mean a swimming pool. We’re talking about lakes, rivers, springs, or streams that are basically deep and wide enough for you to take a dip in. Why? Because this is the swimming experience that nature offers. There is something quite fulfilling about jumping into a body of water not being certain of the temperature (or the wildlife) that will greet you.

There is a sense of danger and adventure, not to mention a deep sense of healing, once you are underwater. Also, you don’t get any of the icky chlorine on your skin. Just remember to use your common sense and watch out for currents or anything that may be poisonous. Keep off the alcohol.

Go earthing

If you really want to connect to Mother Earth on a literal level, kick off those shoes and take a walk. Earthing is said to provide numerous benefits, as you gain direct access to the wide healing energies and properties (electrons) of the planet through the soles of your feet. Some of the amazing benefits of earthing or grounding are improved sleep, pain relief, a stronger immune system, and a happier disposition.

Before shoes were invented, people had walked with their bare feet or at least in leather shoes made from hide—something that is still connected to nature. If this doesn’t make sense to you, at least do it for the wonderful sensation of simply walking on grass, earth, or sand.


Sometimes connecting to earth can be as simple as disconnecting from technology even for just one day. This practice can make you more aware of the beauty of your natural surroundings—the sound of the birds chirping, the splendor of the sun setting or rising, the numerous stars in the night sky, and stuff that you may have taken for granted or have completely forgotten about as you immerse yourself in your electronic gadgets.

These are four simple ways you can go back to nature and rediscover what it’s got to offer. Do this regularly and feel revived, refreshed, and ready for another busy cycle in the concrete jungle.

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