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Get a Slice of that Holiday Pie: How Brands Can Prep for Holiday Season

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many small business owners to close shop. Some had tried to restart through financial assistance, while others had to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to clear their debts. If you belong to the fortunate ones that have managed to stay afloat amid a pandemic, be grateful. But you’re not out of the woods yet; you still need to boost your sales and continue attracting new customers.

It’s a good thing that we’re a few months away from the holiday season. Though the spending power of the consumers has reduced because of the pandemic, the holiday season remains a profitable period. You have to learn to adapt to the changing buying behaviors and needs of American consumers.

Google has identified consumer insights that could help you prepare your holiday marketing initiatives. But to help you get a head start, here’s a quick rundown of those insights and potential strategies:

Insight #1: More consumers are online, shopping for items they would usually buy in stores.

During the shelter-in-place orders, many consumers were forced to do their shopping online. Even if the lockdown restrictions ease up, many consumers continue to stay home and take advantage of e-commerce. Google found that one in four shoppers go online for an item they would usually buy in shops.

What can you do to maximize this increasing market online, especially in the holiday season? Create an omnichannel strategy, which focuses on delivering a consistent, personalized customer experience across multiple channels and devices. And if you already have an omnichannel strategy, double your efforts. With more consumers getting accustomed buying things online, your brand should be searchable and positioned consistently well on search engines, social media platforms, and other digital networks.

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Insight #2: Shoppers expect contactless operations.

Many people are still reluctant to go out and buy in-store. They have also developed a particular at-home lifestyle, choosing contactless services and operations as much as possible. Businesses need to recognize these changes and adapt accordingly. If you offer curbside pickups, expect a holiday rush, so make sure pickups are organized to prevent people from crowding your store to get items they ordered. Ensure also that your product inventory is always updated. Lastly, make sure that you have figured out the contactless payment options, whether the buyer wants to pay online, at the curbside, or upon delivery.

Insight #3: Shoppers are more value-conscious than ever before.

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives, consumers become more conscious of their spending. They now look for products that offer more value for their money. And if you want to attract these consumers, you need a marketing campaign that focuses on addressing this concern. Get to know your target market more and strategize how you can offer a relevant product at a reasonable price.

The pandemic might have ruined 2020, but many consumers remain hopeful. Expect these consumers to boost their morale by celebrating little wins during the holiday season. By using the right strategies and recognizing their changing needs and buying behaviors, your brand can still be part of their celebration.

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