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The Five Rooms You Meet in the Perfect Haven

Whether you’re building it yourself or you’re looking for one on the market, a dream home is the sum of its parts. Every area has its own magnificence and contributes to the whole vision and achieves the particular purpose you aim for it. If you’re going around looking for that haven in a house, it’s hard to beat these go-to rooms that would make a perfect fit in any stellar living space.

The Lush Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you go to cleanse yourself of the day’s grime and stresses, and it can be a soothing space to relax and boost your mood for the night or the rest of the morning. If you can have this space decked out with a room that doesn’t feel cramped, full toiletries and soaps galore on an island cabinet, a roomy tub, and an enclosed area behind shower doors to complete everything you need. And whether one admits to it, one of the key features in the perfect lush bathroom is the toilet, with a comfortable seat, an efficient flushing mechanism, and the exact right height. You can add many design elements to take this room to the next level aesthetically, but the dream bathroom has all the components you need to feel rejuvenated by the time you head out.

The Entertainment Room

What goes in here depends on your interests and the amount of space you want to allot for this, but the best entertainment rooms combine movies, games, and activities that bring people together. You can have it decked out with a small indoor theater section and a bar, perfect for binge-watching with a few drinks and popcorn. You could alternatively make room for video games and board games along with some installations like a pool table, darts, or if you’re going all the way, some indoor bowling and mini-golf. The beauty of the entertainment room is that you can combine all of these factors or hone in on just one, and it will still be a fantastic space for recreation and hanging out.

The Walk-In Closet

It technically counts as a room if it’s big enough to walk around in. Some of the best walk-in closets don’t even look like a bare room with clothes and shoes in it. You can design it to match your aesthetic vibe, incorporating various design elements and storage solutions to make it work for you.

Research has shown that only 20% of the clothes in the average person’s closet get worn in general, while the rest hang around in there for indeterminate amounts of time until they are finally brought to light. As you accumulate fashion, it can get overwhelming to segregate your items of clothing and designate them for particular looks or days or whatever category you want. That is the beauty of the walk-in closet. Add in some gorgeous lighting fixtures, a full-body mirror, and a small chair, and you’ve got yourself the perfect room.

entertainment area

The Den

Not to be confused with your entertainment room, this is where you can lounge, and it inspires an altogether different mood. A cup of hot tea over the fire, a chaise with a blanket on it, shelves of books and knickknacks, and a sound system to play some tunes — That is the perfect recipe for a choice den. Here, you can make a little library and create the ideal nook for those times you want to contemplate, look out on a stunning view, and perhaps get some work done at home on your well-organized desk with a smooth finish.

The Wellness Space

Here, you can hone your fitness and mental well-being. Design a space with a spa section and a home gym, and you’ll have the perfect balance of sound body and mind right in the comfort of your own house. It’s good to have a designated space decked out for these activities. Most people are more motivated to exercise if they have to get ready and have the right clothing and equipment for the intended workout. It’s also a good idea to connect your workout center to your spa area, making it feel like a full-on wellness club without the hassle of having to drive out. Then, you can reward your efforts with some hydrotherapy and the works.

If you’re looking for the dream home or only putting together a vision board for plans, these are the perfect additions to populate any house that’s worth the price and the fantasy. With them, you can always look forward to going home and relaxing.

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