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Grand Lake Fishing: How to Make Your Weekend More Wonderful

Being a Grand Lake resident is a blessing if you or your family are fishing enthusiasts. With almost 19,000 surface hectares of clean lake water and 1,300 miles of shoreline, Oklahoma’s prized lake within Ozark’s foothills is a favorite spot to fish the best bass, crappie, and catfish. No wonder it’s the venue for various fishing tournaments and is consistently ranked as one of the best fisheries in the country.

How do you get the best fishing experience possible? Here are some ways to enjoy a weekend over water:

Get your gear on

Several dealers offer boat repairs in Grand Lake, OK. You can get the best deals from the best-selling and most trusted dealers in the area. You can also rent a boat or take a chartered trip if it’s just a one-off fishing weekend.

Don’t forget your fishing rods and reel. Many stores sell sporting goods and fishing needs such as baits and tackles around the vicinity of the lake. Make sure you’re probably dressed for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothes. A protective hat, bandana, lightweight shirt, quick-dry pants, and a pair of sunglasses should do the trick.

Choose your fish

Man holding fish

Selecting the species you want to catch can help you decide on the kind of bait to bring. There is an abundance of bass and monster catfish swimming in the warm waters of Grand Lake. Both like to eat crawfish during the early months of the year, while bass feast on shad when approaching summer. Thus, you can use bait whose patterns are peach-colored, or silver or chrome bass jigs that resemble shads.

Agreeing on the kind of fish also helps in choosing the size of your boat. If you’re planning to catch one monster catfish after another, then you’d need a larger vessel. If not, then cabin boats or catamarans might suffice.

Find your spot

The vast expanse of Grand Lake gives you plenty of space to explore and choose a comfortable place. Just make sure you stay somewhere where the sun isn’t too scalding overhead. This is because bass often abounds when the temperature is low. You can start early and fish just before the sun breaks, or during the evening. They also tend to come out when the weather is cloudy.

If you’re bringing your family with you, you might not want to venture too far off the shore and stay close to your campsite. Take note of the nearest comfort rooms, bait shops, and convenience stores.

Bring snacks

If you’re planning to fish the entire day, it’s best to bring snacks on deck. Bring something that you can enjoy warm or cold so that you can eat it anytime. Pre-packed snacks like pastries or cakes are good options. Calzones, breakfast sandwiches, or fried or roast chicken with a bottle of soda will satisfy you during lunch. You can bring fruits and salads to keep yourself full and hydrated.

Your family should cherish the peace of fishing in Grand Lake. Sing songs or enjoy deep conversations while taking in the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to bring your camera to preserve the moment!

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