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Hitting the Next Level of Hygiene for Your Commercial Space

Cleanliness is one of the biggest things you need to consider when setting up a commercial space, especially if you’re going to be opening a kitchen, spa, or salon (though hygiene is vital in any establishment.) The best way to ensure this is to start from the building process before you even populate the location. Here are some of the best things you can use to make sure you are setting up a clean and sustainable environment.

  • Use engineered cladding

When choosing materials to line your walls and ceiling, it would be wise to make use of interiors that have been specifically engineered with hygiene in mind. With today’s technology, you can get hospital wall cladding that gives you prime protection without sacrificing any aesthetic vision you have. You can speak to manufacturers who specialize in this cladding, and you can create your own specifications, whether you have a color palette in mind or want to make use of wall art.

Because the materials are homogenous and non-porous, they can resist chemicals better and even have integrated additives that are antimicrobial. These make the entire space easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness and gives you a good head start as the materials block microbes from seeping into your walls. This material makes a great installation for environments that see a lot of interaction and various substances.

  • Get PVC floors

A durable flooring material you can go for is polyvinyl chloride because it is easy to clean and not absorbent. Being resistant to moisture build-up and liquids that spill is a must not only in hospital environments but in the food industry as well. A suitable flooring should also withstand external stresses without easily accruing damage, especially if a lot of work is to be done in the space.

While water is an important thing to consider, it’s also good to think about oils, grease, and other chemicals that can spill depending on the nature of the location. This surface should work in congruence with your wall cladding to ensure that the entire space is hygienic on all fronts. Part of preventing wear and tear means getting materials that are easy to maintain and don’t degrade quickly over time.

  • Implement Clean-in-Place systems


Since you’ve covered your walls and floors, you should think about your piping and equipment. You can either invest in a large operating system or make use of simpler automated methods, but this can make mass cleaning much more manageable than disassembling everything to keep the operations going.

This particular cleaning method is more often associated with plants. Still, commercial spaces that produce a lot like bakeries and similar establishments can make use of this procedure in the long-run as it is more efficient and keeping essential items and areas sanitary.

These are some of the biggest things in hygiene that you can start making use of in your own space. They not only improve the immediate environment but also effectively prevent a lot of issues with health, wellness, and even the overall ambience of the area.

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