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Get Started: How You Can Become a Part-time Entrepreneur

The idea that entrepreneurship is the realm of people overcome by their passion for a new product is a dated view. Entrepreneurship is simply the act of someone trusting in themselves enough to take a chance. Digital technologies and social media have made it easier for anyone to become an entrepreneur as long as they have the dedication and willingness to take a chance on themselves.

Being an entrepreneur no longer requires you to start from scratch and create the situations you need for success. There is a large industry of people who provide support services, and this can make running your business very easy.   You can hire experienced and talented freelance staff on an as-needed basis. There are co-working office spaces with high-quality amenities that you can use for a fraction of the rent of dedicated office space. Online payment portals and dedicated customer relationship management software allow you to manage your business and clients without giving up your entire day running the company.

All you need to start a business that can give you a comfortable side income is to have the right idea. Consider your talents, your schedule, and your interest areas first. Then start looking for a business idea that you know you will enjoy managing and growing.            

Subscription Box Business

A subscription box business is a great idea for someone who has limited time to dedicate to their business. You can set up a social media page and offer curated subscription boxes. These can be themed for the season or dedicated to a niche interest or specific for a type of event.

Having a theme in place helps you know exactly what products you will need and make plans to order them in bulk, and make arrangements for their proper storage. A niche interest like wine and cheese subscriptions will require a vastly different storage facility than birthday party-themed subscription boxes.

You can ship them out once a month, giving you time to fill your orders at leisure and without requiring too much of a time crunch for you.

Ready Meal Delivery Service

This type of business is best for someone who has the time to cook and can get the resources to store large amounts of food. More people are spending longer hours working, but they still care about staying healthy. This means a large market of people is looking for healthy food options and willing to pay premium prices for delicious home-cooked food.

Vegan, gluten-free, or locally sourced, you are sure to find a nice group of people who will appreciate your specialized food. Set up a system where you deliver a week’s worth of frozen meals and offer paid delivery or self-pickup for free. This will reduce the amount of time you have to spend worrying about delivering the food. It is also a good way to meet your clientele and make a good impression that will help them feel even better about their purchase.            

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Virtual Reality Services

If your interest areas lie in the online world and gaming, there are still opportunities to make money. People will pay good money for creative and one-of-a-kind products.

Design custom covers for virtual reality headsets, or draw beautiful and detailed in-game skins, or even offer walkthrough tutorials to people starting. Active games will be interested in the custom covers and skins, and new players and parents will be interested in video game tutorials. You can broadcast these walkthroughs and tutorials on game streaming platforms and generate a following as well.

If you stay respectful and avoid being vulgar, you will find that you grow a following of young players and their parents who are delighted to support a family-friendly gaming mentor. The virtual space is for everyone, but it can sometimes be less than welcoming. Helping to create safe spaces will make you an innovator and well-respected by the new generations of players.


People love to learn new things and are always looking for interesting experiences. This is a good line of work for a person who wants to teach something they already do for a living. You will already have the equipment, and the advent of online classes allows you to teach from the comfort of your own home without making arrangements for a space or more equipment.

If you are a baker, you can post baking tutorials online and teach weekend classes to small groups of students. If you are in education, you can offer tuition for specific subjects. Even niche subjects such as Referencing for college students or Professional Writing for working adults can generate a lot of interest.

The growing interest in crafting is also a great opportunity to use your hobby to generate an income. You can run classes to teach people how to make candles, soap, or wire jewelry. If it is interesting to you, there is a high likelihood you will find others who have the same interests and are willing to pay to learn all about it.

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