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Making a Big Impression: Adding Finishing Details to Your House

It is great to see a house being built from the ground up. If you have been watching over it from day one, you will not have a clear idea yet then of how the final look will be. But as the pillars are built and walls erected, it will slowly show its true form. And once it is done, you are presented with a towering beauty. This is its final shape, and it should be ready to get its finishing touches.

From the outside to the inside, this is still something that needs careful planning and execution. One of the most noticeable areas to take note of is your flooring. If you choose to use terrazzo for one of your rooms, you can add shine to it by using the EZ Polish System. You can use it together with a floor polisher to maintain the glossiness. Do this once or twice a year if you want to make your floor look new all the time.

The finishing is the stage where you can still provide additional input or feedback when it comes to making the house look great. Although it may not do much when it comes to the overall structure, it can still make a difference in the interior.

Wallpaper or Paint?

A finished house will initially not look done when you see empty floors and blank walls. This is the perfect time to work on the latter. There are no items yet, so you don’t have to worry about having paint drops on them or making them fall over. What color do you want your walls to be painted? If you choose to do this, you only need to put masks on your floors and doors. This will be a fairly easy job. You can use paint rollers, which can get a little messy since you will need to pour paint on a shallow tray. You can also spray it. This will let you apply paint more evenly, but you need special equipment such as an air compressor to get that up and running.

If you want a little more texture, you can opt for wallpaper. If you are applying this yourself, prepare to use tons of glue. You also have to be dexterous enough for it. These come in rolls, and you have to handle paper that should span from the floor to the ceiling. You have to stick it quickly, or else you might add some creases or apply it in a skewed manner. This is a job best done by two or more people. Once that is installed, you will have walls that look elegant and unique—something that you will always want to touch.


This is one of the things your eyes will see first when you enter the house. It is just right for you to make the effort to choose the right flooring solution if you want to make a big impression on your visitors. There are many ways you can go about it. The pricier ones involve using stones such as marble and granite. The more practical ones are tiles and vinyl. You have the final say on this, but there’s something for you there either way. If you have a good sense of style, you can make your floors look great even with vinyl.


living room of a modern apartment with fusion of oriental furniture

So you have put on the finishing touches on your walls and floors. What is left for you to do is to fill your empty house with furniture. Hopefully, you have carefully planned and selected it so that it matches the overall look and theme of your house. Should you see any mismatches, you can easily replace or move it to another room if you want to. Once you have moved all of the stuff in, you can say that you have completed the house.

The house is a shelter for your family. It should serve that function well, but there’s no harm to put some style points in there. This is where you will live for the next several years or decades. It is just right for you to have pleasing scenery outside and inside.

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