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Vacation Rental: Renovation Musts That Hosts Sometimes Overlook

So, you’ve decided to enter your house in the vacation rental industry. There are plenty of things to do, and many competitors to outwit in aesthetics and marketing. But before you add game rooms and hot tubs, consider going back to basics. There are changes you can make in your house that promise a more lasting impression on renters.

Make It Sturdy

You can easily ruin a renter’s perfect Orlando summer with leaks, falling shingles, and a hazardous driveway. This is because a house that looks pretty can easily fall apart.

Focus your renovation expenses first on ensuring your house is structurally sound. Warning signs to look out for are dry mud tubes and tiny holes in wood, which signal the presence of termites. Shredded cardboard, fabric, or paper that scattered around the house can mean you’re housing rodents. They make nests using paper and cloth and can multiply to alarming numbers if left unchecked. Letting experts deal with these early on will save you from structural damage that can be difficult to repair.

A significant contributor to your property’s sturdiness you might overlook is the roof. A roof that is older than twenty years and installed over layers of older shingles need replacing. A new roof doesn’t only add curb appeal to your vacation rental in Orlando. But it can also protect your renters from harsh weather and provide good insulation.

Houses don’t wear and tear the same way. A thorough inspection will give you a better idea of what needs repairing or replacing.

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Make It Safe

Privacy is essential for everyone, especially when on vacation at a new place. Your choice in window blinds and drapes plays a big part in this.

Choose alternative window decors that feel light but make it difficult for outsiders to look in. Strategically placed plants like evergreens also help in boosting privacy. They’re less daunting than walls and fences and can add to your property’s overall appeal.

If you have neighboring infrastructures that are the same level or higher than your property, consider adding trees, too. Large canopies can keep prying eyes away from the second floor of your house, where most bedrooms are located. Mix them up with flowers and colorful plants to make them feel less like blockages while still achieving their purpose.

Make It Modern

Bedrooms and living rooms are two of the places that are tempting to revamp first in your interior. Although they’re a must, you need to consider that vacationers want to book your home because, unlike in hotels and resorts, they have the option of cooking their meals. Cooking means they’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen and dining room. If you haven’t updated the look of yours, now is the time to do so.

Cabinets that are still in good shape can either get a fresh dash of paint or door replacement. Since these cabinets occupy a lot of space, keeping their style minimalistic can make the entire kitchen look more pleasing to the eyes. They also complement marble countertops better, which have become popular for their style, durability, and elegance.

Another aspect you might neglect is cooking appliances. Modern stoves, blenders, fridges, coffee makers, and kitchen utensils can be your rental’s competitive edge. Achieving the right balance between functionality and style can make this part of the house any renter’s favorite.

Earning a steady stream of passive income through your property requires strategy. Save your plans for a swimming pool and billiards room for when you’ve restored your house to tip-top shape. They’re investments you can make in the future with the money you earn in vacation rentals. With these, your renters have something to look forward to on their next booking.

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