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Offices of the Future: How Smart Offices Can Fuel Your Company’s Growth

Smart offices are starting to dominate the market in the US. The smart office industry was valued at $28.4 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow to $55.62 billion with a staggering compound annual growth rate of 13.6%. The fastest-growing market is in Asia, but the US market is seeing growth as well. With this ongoing trend, more and more offices worldwide are starting to adopt smart technologies in their offices to better their productivity and operations. But how do smart devices do this exactly?

Smart devices can offer many functions to offices. Most of these functions are essential in daily business operations. Moreover, they can help in reducing maintenance costs and other expenses. Here are the ways smart offices can fuel your company’s growth.

Safety And Protection

Robbery and theft are the most prominent crimes in the US. In 2019 alone, the FBI reported two-thousand property crimes per one hundred thousand people in the US. This crime can depend heavily on the state you are in, but most states averages three-hundred property crimes per state. A break-in in your office can be hugely detrimental to your company’s growth, especially when you’re only a small business. Thankfully, smart devices can help secure and protect your office from intruders.

Smart devices can keep an eye out on your office even if you’re not around. Unlike typical surveillance systems, which only record the break-ins, smart offices can prevent a break-in from happening. They can secure windows and doors automatically and call authorities if there are any signs of a break-in. Additionally, they can blacklist potential intruders. They can also be your first line of defense against trespassing and vandalism.

Overall, these pro-active measures can keep your office safe from any intruders. They can also support business operations running by doing so. By having a smart office, you wouldn’t need to worry about a break-in ever again.

Monitor Your Systems

Smart devices can help monitor the integrated systems you have in your office. This includes your electrical grid, HVAC system, and other utilities such as lighting. They are great for identifying when you need some air duct cleaning services, electrical maintenance, or any other repair service. They can also save you some money because smart devices can help regulate your systems to function at their optimal levels. So you wouldn’t need to keep an eye on them every time.

Big offices such as ones located inside buildings can benefit a lot from smart devices monitoring their systems. It’s hard to determine specific problems in a building without calling the maintenance team for help. However, with a smart system, you wouldn’t need them ever again. This means your office can function at its optimal peak without the recurring expense of inspections. Additionally, maintenance can be better scheduled as your smart system can tell you days ahead if your office needs some maintenance.


Energy Saver

Many smart home-owners claim that they got a smart device to have energy-efficient devices in their homes. This should also be the case for your office.

Smart devices can help you decrease your electricity bills from day-to-day office functions without the hassle of controlling each device in your office. They can turn off unneeded functions such as lighting and the air conditioner when you’re not around. So if you forget to turn off the light in a room, your smart device does it for you. They can also reroute the electrical grid efficiently to each room of the building. Additionally, they can prevent any electrical accidents from happening by reporting any system malfunctions to you.

Having an energy-efficient smart system can do your business wonders. It can help cut electricity costs by half, sustain your systems in the long run, and keep your employees safe from any electrical malfunctions.

Convenience And Comfort

Your smart office can also bring much comfort to your workspace. It can be a hassle to stand up and turn on the lights or change your air conditioner’s settings. This problem worsens if your office space is a building where everyone is moving around entering various rooms. Without an automated system to control each room’s function, many of your employees will spend a couple of minutes, even hours, to set the room’s utilities to their liking. You can remove this problem by having automated smart systems control various utilities in the room, such as the air conditioner, lighting, or projector. These systems are designed to engage the needed utilities in the room when they enter, reducing the time for setting up and more for work.

Smart systems are essential for any modern office. They can reduce downtimes and keep office functions at optimal conditions. Additionally, they can help increase the productivity and comfort of your office without the extra cost.

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