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Real and Digital: Grow Your Business in These Two Worlds

Running a business is so much easier with technology. Although the traditional means of doing business and growing it are still useful, going digital will pay big dividends. However, you can’t push conventional marketing operations aside entirely – for now.

This blog details the importance of both traditional and digital advertising when growing your business.

Traditional Marketing

1. Site and Signage

The location of your business can sometimes determine its success or failure. A good site will make your business more visible, and more foot traffic will ensure consumers’ steady flow. Of course, a good location requires proper signage — as people will have no idea your business exists without a visible sign. Your business should fit the area, but not to the extent that you have multiple competitors within a few blocks. Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore, so make sure your location is tagged on Google Maps and other GPS map systems.

2. Word of Mouth

The best endorsement your business can gain is through your customers. Word of mouth can immediately give you prominence in the community — but it can also break you if your products and services are not up to par. Invest in branded merchandise that you can sell to your most loyal patrons — a shirt or a mug with your brand on it serves as an endorsement and could drive conversations.

3. Interactions

Interactions between your staff and your customers/clients are crucial to your business’s success. Ensure your staff is adequately trained and cultivate a welcoming and friendly environment. Give your customers a venue to air their thoughts through a suggestion box or perhaps surveys that they can fill out in exchange for some perks.

4. Flyers and Brochures

Paper may seem outdated in the time of digital ads; however, they still make a significant impact as advertising tools. A brochure you can hold in your hand and pin on your refrigerator is more influential than an ad you see on your phone. You can send out flyers on your own or go through direct mail marketing companies to reach a broader audience.

5. Media Ads

Traditional media (print, television, and radio) have been outspent by digital in the past years. However, regular ads still serve a function, mainly if you target a particular age group or niche. Ads in magazines read by specific demographics or radio spots in popular radio shows can connect you with your target market. Unfortunately, running ads in newspapers is not as effective as it was 2-3 decades ago, as only the most serious readers will bother beyond the first few pages of a newspaper.

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Digital Marketing

1. Online Visibility

An online presence will make your business available to a greater number of people — but you’ll need more than just a social media account. While social media platforms can connect you with people worldwide, a dedicated website will allow you to interact with your customers and clients more effectively. A website will also make your business seem more professional and provide its readers with enough information about your business.

2. Promotions

Social media platforms are great places to run announcements and promotions. Provide special perks for your most loyal patrons, whether discounts or freebies. Promotions drive word of mouth, and your loyal patrons may end up telling friends and family about your business.

3. Sales

Online sales are becoming the primary transaction method for all but the most basic of goods. A dedicated website can contain an online store where people outside your community can get your products/services. Most small businesses employ proprietary point-of-sale systems like Shopify to handle their digital transactions, allowing smoother transactions without additional software.

4. Ads

In most countries, digital ads have overtaken traditional media in spending and efficacy. Digital ads can be targeted to particular demographics, as algorithms can predict the sites they visit or the videos they watch. Digital ads only appear once a site has been accessed, so there are minimal chances of being unnoticed.

5. Apps

If you have the money or the acumen, a phone app can be a significant factor in growing your business. A phone app puts your brand name or logo into your customer’s phone — serving as a walking endorsement as well as making him/her a captive audience for your announcements and promotions.

While traditional advertising forms can effectively grow your business, pairing them with digital can make brand recognition grow exponentially. Traditional advertising can certainly fortify your business’ foundation in your community — however, digital can open it up to the entire world.

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