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Pre-loved Children’s Products You Can Sell This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and many people have begun spending on gifts for loved ones. In fact, it’s the winter holidays when people spend the most compared to other holidays. If you’re a business-minded person, you’ll surely see this as a great way to earn.

The winter holidays are mainly focused on children. People like to gift children they know during these times. Since children are expecting gifts, you can use this moment to generate profit. You may have things that your kids used to own, and it’s the perfect time to sell them.

It’s time to dig up all those old items. Give them to new young owners by selling them. Here are some of those items that can generate profit for you this holiday season.


One of the essential items that adults buy for their kids is toys. Christmas isn’t complete for children without receiving toys. This also means that toys are going to sell like pancakes. However, some parents are short of budget. They’re going to be your market.

Collect all your child’s pre-loved toys. It’ll be better if they are still in their best forms. It’s much better if you still have their boxes where they originally came in with. While these items were already used, they must still be in good condition. You may never be able to sell them if they’re not. You need to make the parents feel that they’re buying something worth their money, especially if these parents are trying to save more by buying your child’s pre-loved toys.


You know the problem with textile pollution. People find it hard for some clothes to be recycled because of the materials used when making them. You can contribute to reducing textile waste by selling your kid’s pre-loved clothing. Children can quickly outgrow their clothes. You may have even left some of them unused by your kids. It’s time to take them out of the closet.

Find venues where you can sell these items. There are Facebook groups online that allow you to post your pitches for used articles of clothing. It’ll be a good find for parents who reduce costs for children’s clothing. Many of them would want to do that, especially with how fast kids grow. Kids’ clothes can only be helpful for a certain period. Repurpose these children’s clothes by selling them.


Another thing that your kid may have outgrown is their bed and its bedding. You may need to buy something more appropriate for your kid. You can get the funds by selling their used bedding that no one in your household can use.

If you’re selling bedding for babies, make sure it’s clean. A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Thus, it would be best to get this used bedding washed by a trusted laundry service. These textiles need to be handled carefully because they’re not just simple bedding. They’re also going to be used by children, so you have to be cautious when selling them.

Furniture and Devices

You know how baby furniture can get pretty useless over time. There will be a time when your kid won’t be able to fit inside these sets of furniture. It’s good if you’re able to preserve their qualities cause you’ll surely earn from them. You can sell these items once your kids have outgrown them. Children can only fit inside a crib in their early years. Once these babies aren’t babies anymore, check if their crib can be sold.

You can do some repairs and little restoration processes on it. Have it coated with varnished if it’s made with wood. The same goes for other baby devices such as baby walkers, strollers, baby travel beds, and more. Find people who can buy them. This way, you can get rid of these children’s items that aren’t as useful as how they used to be.

Other Essentials

There are a lot of other baby essentials that you may find useless after your child grows, even for a little. Baby gear like a convertible or infant car seat is just a few of those. Cradles and baby swings are on this list, too. There are also baby food blenders and processors that you can’t use in the kitchen anymore.

Collect all these things that you wish to sell. You’re going to make a decent amount if you’re able to sell them all.

Aside from profiting, you’re also able to declutter just in time for the holidays. Get that extra income by selling these baby items to the ones who are in need of them. Help parents who are short of budget buy quality products that are reasonably priced.

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