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Rural Living: What to Think About Before Settling Down There

If you’ve ever wanted to settle down with big open fields, the vast bright sky overhead, and away from the hustle and bustle of the metro, you may be reading this because you’re ready to pack up and head to the rural county. Of course, there are some important things you need to consider before you make your big move:

Think about financing

This factor covers both how you are going to purchase or acquire a property in these parts and how you can sustainably earn income while you reside there. Thankfully, getting a USDA loan in Bowling Green, Kentucky, gives you access to a slew of other prime rural locations that can fit the bill of what you’re looking for at a more affordable price.

Going for a USDA loan can be beneficial as it has a forgiving payment system that usually has $0 down. Plus, it has been explicitly backed by the government to promote living in rural areas. With specific rules that make it geared toward properties in less-populated regions, it’ll be more in line with your location desires as you map out the lending process.

In terms of maintaining a stream of income, it could be wise to look into how you can build a sustainable resource to keep yourself living or to find a point of profit either within or outside the land.

Make sure you can handle maintenance

While rural living has its benefits, there are also different maintenance and care necessities that you will need to attend to for your home to be livable and comfortable throughout your stay. It can have different needs in an urban setting, so it’s wise to read up and prepare for some labor.

If things are looking overwhelming, it would also be good to get the help of professionals, at least for the initial requirements that you can oversee as you learn. External plot care and termite control are big factors to think of. It would be good to learn what local pests and wildlife are often found so that you are aware and prepared.

Of course, on top of those things are the usual maintenance needs that would be present in any home. These cover insulation, ventilation, and plumbing. Ensure that everything will still be in working order, no matter what the weather may bring in different seasons.

Prepare yourself for a culture shift


Inevitably, various states and regions have varying sensibilities and customs. Life is not just lived the same for everyone, so make sure you are prepared for a shift if you’ve grown up in a vastly different environment.

Recent polls have shown that there is still a deep cultural divide between Americans based on whether they have grown up in rural or urban sectors. Finding the balance in those differences will be an important thing if you want to live peacefully with your neighbors.

Hitting all the marks on this checklist can help you streamline the process of moving, at least when it comes to how you will be planning it all. It will bring you closer to the rural living you want to attain.

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