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Enjoy Extra Storage Space by Transforming Every Area of Your Home

If you have a small space, like a studio apartment or a narrow two-story house, making more room for your things can be stressful. Home renovations are nowhere near easy. Finding a space to renovate in a small house, then, is almost impossible.

But there is always a way to expand your living space regardless of size. These renovation recommendations will help you fit more in less without feeling cramped!

Loft conversion

If you have ample attic space, you might want to repurpose it. However, it will require more than your efforts. You might want to contact a loft conversion specialist in Tunbridge Wells to do the significant construction work and follow your vision. This vision can range from turning it into a work station, a play area, or an intimate recreation room where you can retreat to.

When converting a space into a loft, make sure that your current roof structure and electrical wiring system can accommodate the space. You will also need to install a new staircase, as well as additional windows and ventilation so that both light and heat can disperse.

Floor-to-ceiling furniture systems

To maximize, you can install furnishings that occupy floor-to-ceiling spaces. These include wardrobes that span an entire wall, or floor-to-ceiling cabinets and bookshelves. You can install floor-to-ceiling grills where you can hang your things or grow a beautiful wall garden.

If you’re saving space, you can mount retractable furnishings on your wall. Retractable beds and sofas, as well as foldable tables and desks, are just a few examples. You can also mount your flat-screen television or set up narrow LED light strips, sconces, and remote-activated soundbars so that they don’t have to take up further floor space.

If you’re not concerned about clutter, you can install floor-to-ceiling mirrors to make your house seem larger.

Space below the stairway

Stairs are infamously spacious because they leave that awkward room underneath them. Luckily, you can turn that space into extra storage.

You can use that space to install bookshelves or a little reading nook. You can also turn it into a small mop closet or a cabinet for safekeeping essential files and documents. Built-in chests or pull-out dressers are also perfect alternative uses for that awkward gap.

It’s not just the space beneath your stairway that you can use. You can remodel your floor space to be suspended or have platforms so that you can install cubbies and finger drawers underneath the walking area.

Maximizing ceiling space

Storage space

You can look up to see the last bit of space that you can optimize. Your ceiling offers ample real estate for suspending lightweight objects. You can screw multi-functional hooks onto ceiling joints and hang anything, from potted plants to lighting fixtures. You can install suspended bars and canopies where you can hang curtains, clothes, or affix partitions. In the kitchen, you can hang racks to store pots and pans in.

If your ceiling is strong enough, retractable beds and electric clotheslines can be pulled down from overhead. To reinforce your roof, fit new braces and secure all its joints. You can install a dropped or suspended ceiling to protect your main ceiling.

Living in a tiny space requires extra effort if you have plenty of things. However, remember that the best renovation that you can do is to reshape your lifestyle to fit your space. Live within your means, and you’ll see that you have more than enough space.

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