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7 Helpful Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Establishment

You want to save money and be as green as possible, but you also want to make sure that your business can function without any problems. Energy costs can make up a large percentage of business expenses, especially if you have a larger operation or own your building and are responsible for utilities.

The costs can also rise over time as the price of energy increases, so it’s important to know how to reduce these costs by becoming more energy efficient in your operations and your facility. If you follow these seven tips on how to save energy costs, you can save your company thousands each year without sacrificing productivity while saving the environment, too.

Start With an Audit

The first step to saving energy is finding out exactly where it’s being used and why. To do that, start with an audit—this will help you determine exactly how much money you could save and exactly which aspects of your business need attention. Conducting an audit allows you to take stock of what’s already working well (or not) and identify any potential trouble spots. From there, you can develop a plan specific to your business goals and needs—and get started on working toward greater energy efficiency.

Check for Drafts Around the Office

When it comes to lowering energy costs, insulation is king. So start by looking around your office for drafts—close doors, windows, and vents that let cold air in or hot air out. You can also install storm windows, seal doorways and gaps with caulk or weather-stripping and even add caulking under any pipes that may be letting cold air seep out of your building’s foundation. These measures will help save energy and keep your business comfortable all year long.

Preserve Your Surrounding Environment

The surrounding environment outside your office matters as much as the interior. Establishments and offices have an impact on the surroundings, but some more than others; these factors need consideration when making decisions about how energy-efficient you want your business to be. If you have a business with a spacious landscape, maintaining its lawn can also contribute to energy saving. Well-placed trees and other natural elements can reduce cooling costs in summer. Lawn care services don’t cost much, which is another reason why it could turn out to be a good decision for your company’s sustainability.

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Seal Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

Cracks and holes around windows and doors can let warm air escape and cold air creep in, both of which cost your business money. Follow these steps to seal air leaks around windows and doors for small establishments. First, caulk all joints with an expanding foam-type spray sealant; then purchase weather stripping that’s designed for windows and doors. Cut it down to size and install it on any exterior door or window frames you can reach from inside; secure corners with a staple gun. For overhead windows that you cannot reach from the inside, purchase a self-sticking spray foam kit in a tube-like that is used for insulating walls. You can always hire a professional if you aren’t sure how to do it yourself.

Use a Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your company’s energy footprint, a smart thermostat is a great place to start. These devices can adjust temperatures throughout your office based on your schedule and needs. For example, if your workers prefer cooler temperatures in their offices while they rest and take breaks, a smart thermostat will make those adjustments automatically. At face value, it seems small, but these automatic changes can significantly reduce energy costs if done correctly.

Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

Natural light isn’t just better for your health—it can also save you money. Use natural light when possible, and choose more energy-efficient appliances whenever you need to purchase new ones. Also, look into replacing old lighting with LEDs—it’s the go-to for most businesses nowadays. They use less energy and last longer than many other options, making them a wise investment for your business. After all, minor improvements like these add up over time! You might not notice their effects right away, but they will surely decrease your monthly electric bill.

Remove Unnecessary Electronics

If you work from a home office, having electronics and appliances plugged in that are not being used is not only a waste of energy but can be a safety hazard. Be sure to unplug electronics like televisions and microwaves when they’re not being used. If you can’t remove them altogether, use power strips or surge protectors. This way, if you need your microwave while your computer is out, you can easily switch back and forth without worrying about turning off one or both devices.

Nobody can deny that saving energy is a good thing. However, not every business owner knows how it can be achieved. Hopefully, we’ve provided some helpful tips for you to use at your own company. From making adjustments within your facilities, there are many tactics available for helping reduce your cost of operation.

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