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Selling Land: Top Things to Keep in Mind

Selling land is one of the hardest things to do in the market. Unlike selling property, there’s not much you can do to spruce up your land and make it irresistible to potential buyers. However, there’s still a couple of things you can do. Here are the factors you need to consider when putting up land for sale in Geelong or any other place.

Your Buyer

Focus on attracting a certain kind of buyer. You can look for the following types of buyers: homeowners, entrepreneurs, or companies. Also, check with neighbouring lots if they’re interested in buying your land. They’re the most likely to purchase, as they might be interested in expanding their property or controlling properties adjacent to theirs. You can also contact builders working nearby. Choosing what buyers to entice is mostly dependent on what your land is zoned for.

Your Land’s Features

Look at what your land is most suited for. Is there a lot of flat space? Does it get a lot of sunshine? Maybe it’s more suited for companies that tend to build solar arrays. Know the geological features and properties of your land, so you can know which buyers it can accommodate best.

You can also try to spruce it up by trimming the grass and pulling the weeds. Plant wildflowers to enhance its natural beauty. When it looks its best, that’ the time you should take a picture of it for publicity. On the other hand, make sure to remedy any possible problems that your land has. Make sure it isn’t on a flood plain or contaminated. If there are trees growing on it, check if any is affected by a tree preservation order.
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Your Land’s Location

You should also look at where your land is situated. Is it near a bustling city? Is it in the countryside? Interested buyers will look at these when checking out your land. Knowing what nearby resources are will help buyers decide easily if your land is what they need. Have information about the schools, shopping districts, and amenities. Customise your information depending on the buyer you’re trying to attract.

It may seem that there’s not much to show, but always offer to give prospective buyers a tour of the land, so they can see it for themselves. Show them the property lines, and then proceed to the neighbourhood, local businesses, and other aspects that you think can seal the deal. Depending on the buyer, emphasise the properties that you think will help sway them to buy the land. Keep in mind that you should minimise the negative aspects of the land, and focus on selling its positive points.

The main takeaway is to always be proactive in selling, as land isn’t easy to market compared to houses or other properties. Approach your target buyers decisively and show them what you think will appeal to them. At the same time, you should remember to stay patient, as land may take years to sell even if you employ your best tactics and resources.

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