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The Best Space Saving Solutions for Small Rooms

Living in a small space doesn’t have to look or feel cramped. The key to making the most of a tiny area is by investing in functional and space-saving furniture that both fits the size of your space while serving multiple purposes. Here are a few stylish and practical alternatives to common furniture pieces that’ll help you maximize what you’ve got:

Chairs and couches

Rather than buying a couch for lounging, which can take up valuable floor space, consider investing in a ceiling hanging chair for indoor use instead. Hanging chairs are an excellent way to free up the ground for more important things like storage cabinets. Folding chairs, which you can stow away when not in use, are also a great space-saving solution. Go the extreme route if you can and do away with any chair that isn’t for your dining table. Standing desks are a great way to get some mobility and exercise when you’re working and they don’t require any extra furniture besides the desk itself.

Shelves, desk, and nightstand

Floating shelves are shelves with its wall fixings hidden either within or underneath the shelf board. They can be placed anywhere on your walls and they can save you tons of space. You can use them to hold your books, knick-knacks, kitchen utensils, and photo frames. If you’re creative enough, you can even make other forms of floating furniture, such as desks and nightstands. All you’ll need are larger shelf boards, and you only need to follow the same principle as floating shelves when installing them.

Wardrobe closet

If you don’t have enough space for a full-sized wardrobe closet, a free-standing garment rack is your best bet for organizing your clothing pieces. They can carry anything from everyday clothing items to accessories and shoes. You can also mount sturdy bars or industrial pipes onto your walls to make your own space-saving garment rack.

Kitchen utensil storage


Vertical storage solutions are perfect for kitchen utensils. They lessen the amount of stuff on your kitchen surfaces so you can free up tons of space. It’s also much better than keeping your utensils in a drawer where mold can form. Having them out in the open keeps them fresh and easy to reach. There are plenty of ways to install vertical kitchen utensil holders. One way is to mount a pipe on a wall above an island or kitchen surface, hang S hooks, and then hang your pots and pans on it. A magnetic strip can also be an ingenious way to store things like knives and kitchenware.


Murphy beds are a clever solution for small spaces. There are various kinds of Murphy bed types you can choose from, depending on the size of your living space as well as your preferences, needs, and budget. Some variants can be tucked into a wall while some of them have sofas and desks in front of them. Another classic foolproof solution is, of course, the humble sofa bed. These take up a little more space than a Murphy bed which can disappear into a wall instantly, but they’re less expensive and don’t need to be installed.

Make the most of your small space with these functional space-saving furniture alternatives. Remember that you don’t need a huge home to live comfortably; all you have to do is be smart about your space.

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