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A Social Website: Design and Develop a Social Media-Friendly Website

In the past, advertising generally meant newspaper and magazine space and huge billboards. Nowadays, however, advertising usually takes place online. This is the first place would-be clients will look for businesses they want to invest in and where you will showcase your products to them. Since online platforms are also used for socializing, some companies assume that online marketing is easy. They, therefore, see little need in hiring an online marketing expert.

Even so, most businesses in Los Angeles that choose to handle their online marketing without a social media marketing SEO or PPC expert are left counting significant losses. This is because even minor issues that a novice assumes have little impact on their bottom line can jeopardize your marketing efforts. One thing most businesses erroneously ignore is the impact of their website design. When properly executed, this will keep people on your site long enough for you to make your sales pitch and boost your search engine position. Nowadays, your website’s design also plays a role in the efficacy of your social media marketing strategies. This has seen the rise of social media-friendly websites. Here are the approaches used to put together these sites.

Adding Sharing Buttons

Most social media platforms have the option of sharing content. While you might have the best and most shareable content, expecting clients to copy and paste links so they can share it with friends might be asking for too much. To make your content easy to share, opt for sharing buttons. Your clients only need to click on these buttons to share the articles across multiple platforms.

Including Buttons for Likes

social media appsClients will interact with your content differently. While some might share it, others are not as intent on doing this. They might just want to show you that the article appeals to them. For them, include a like button. This way, you will interact with a large number of users and cater to varied needs. The likes you get will also contribute to your social signals and boost your website’s search engine rank.

Having Links To Your Social Media Pages

One of the best ways to gain followers on your social media pages is by pointing them to them on your website. Add links to the pages for people to quickly get them and boost the chances of getting followers. Your social media links should, however, not be included in your content as they might distract people from your message. Have them in the header or footer.

Optimizing Content for Social Media

Most of the content on social media platforms is image-oriented. As such, your website should support the inclusion of high-quality images for it to attract social media users. This will need caution to guarantee that the images will not affect the loading of other elements on your site and are responsive to different screens.

Social media and website marketing are not two different aspects of your advertising strategy. The above approaches will tie them to lower your spending and maximize your returns in online marketing. You thus now appreciate the essence of an online marketing expert for your business to make this happen.

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