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The Different Ways Plywood Features in Interior Design

Plywood in interior design can be integrated on the walls, the ceiling, and on furniture. While other people would prefer plywood to be painted, some enjoy the aesthetic of bare plywood.

Bare plywood gives a cosy and natural vibe to the room. Often paired with neutral colours like grey, white, and black, this effect provides a very modern and contemporary twist to the room.

It’s also a versatile product that’s also lightweight and often cheaper than its hardwood counterparts. There is a moisture-resistant plywood that is commonly used in living spaces. For kitchens and other areas where there are high temperatures of water, boiling water-proof plywood can be used for cabinets and other furniture. Lastly, the most durable of all these types is the marine ply, which is used for boats and other industrial purposes. Although it is rarely used for furniture, marine ply is also suitable for kitchen purposes.

Having said this, here are a few ways plywood can be utilized in the home interior:

  1. Shelves

Plywood shelving units are not only stylish and modern, but they are also space savers. For spaces in urban areas with limited apartment spaces, utilizing smart storage spaces is essential to maximize the floor area. Other than books, shelves can hold picture frames, figurine collections, plants, etc. On the other hand, by adding little baskets and boxes, they can contain the clutter that should help everyone else should not see.

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have a reputation for being expensive. The price is affected by several factors, such as materials, replacement, installation, and customization.

One way to cut the expenses of this particular project is to use plywood as a material. Compared to wood, plywood is cheaper and also water-resistant. When it comes to strength, a 10mm plywood can compete with solid wood. Plywood is also less likely to shrink because of how each layer is alternately stacked onto each other.

  1. Headboard

This minimalist but relaxing incorporation of plywood in interior design creates a very cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. With the naturally light wooden finish of the sheet, the headboard will catch the attention of anyone who enters the room. For those who would prefer a different finish, they can opt to paint it or cover it with fabric. Using this material to accent a bedroom is still a cheaper alternative.

  1. Walls

A trend in interior design has been bare or finished concrete in the home. This trend gives a rustic, industrial feel to the interior of the house. This look is taken to another level if paired with plywood. It’s an interesting contrast, too—something of nature and something representative of urbanization. It results in an aesthetic that eludes the people who visit the house that the owners and designers wanted things to be simple, even though pulling off this design is tricky.

The takeaway

Plywood is a versatile material that can be used in several areas of the house: in the kitchen, the bedroom, and even all over the house. Anyone whose creativity could meet chic but inexpensive design can pull off these interior design ideas.

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