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Things You Need to Know to Avoid Pet Poisoning

Each one of us has pet poisons at home. That safe fruit on the shelf can kill your pet dog or cat. And you might not even know about it till your pet starts showing the signs. Animals react very quickly and can succumb in a few minutes. You don’t stand a chance at times to take them to the vet.

Certain materials and chemicals considered safe for humans can be fatal for house pets. Things can choke or disable your pet before you can act. If you are a pet parent, you should exercise caution before bringing something in. In this article, you will know about the items that can poison them.


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While most people would keep chemicals, detergents, and known-toxic compounds locked away in the garage storage shelves, things in the kitchen can do the misdeed. The parking is a great place to store chemicals and corrosive materials. But not many people would store avocados and chocolates there.

Chocolate is something that you should hide from your pets, especially dogs. Coffee is another substance that can seriously harm your dog. You should keep all compounds containing caffeine and theobromine away. Theobromine is found in chocolates. Dogs cannot metabolize the theobromine like humans.

Caffeine and theobromine can damage their nervous system, kidneys, and gut. So it is best to avoid these. Additionally, and surprisingly, there is another substance or fruit that can harm your pets. Avocados are great for us but not for your cats and dogs. It is pretty fatal for cats. It contains persin, a compound that cats cannot digest. However, dogs can still get away with it. These are a few edibles that we have in plenty, but they can kill your pets in no time.


You might feel a bit sad to know that certain plants can poison your pets. Mostly, dogs are quite famous for sniffing around. They have inquisitive natures. When you take them on a walk, you will find them sniffing at everything that passes along or things on the sidewalk.

Some plants can have minor effects on your puppy’s health, while others can kill them. The most dangerous plant many of you might have in your family is sago palms. They are like mini palm trees and enhance the beauty of a place. The seeds, nuts, bark, and leaves are poisonous and cause seizures, liver failure, and death.

If that was not all, the colorful and loving tulips also find their place on this list. Most people have such plants indoors as well as outdoors. The bulbs are the most potent and can lead to seizures, digestive issues, and loss of appetite. You should also be cautious about some indoor plants.


Let us get things straight. Here, we are talking about human medications. What gives us life can give your pet the opposite. Certain medicines are used for humans and animals, like domstol and avil. However, others could be deadly for your pet. One acetaminophen tablet can damage your cat’s RBCs. Thus, leading to liver failure. You don’t want to see your pet writhing in pain. So, exercise judgment while giving any medicine unknowingly or knowingly.

Consult the vet instead. Aspirin is deadly for cats, although they help us get rid of pain and headaches. If your vet prescribes it, a certain dose might be just apt to relieve your pet’s issues. Stick to that. You must store your and your pet’s medicines separately. If you mix them, you might be in for a rude surprise. Accidental poisoning is one of the top killers of household pets.


Cleaners are especially very bad for cats. Additionally, most disinfectants contain toxic substances. They are bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Anything that contains phenol is also harmful. Apart from keeping such things locked up, you must exercise caution while cleaning and dusting at home.

You should never leave your animals unattended while cleaning the house with even minor detergents. They can lap up the water if thirsty. It can lead to stomach upset as well. Do not buy any floor cleaner at the departmental store. Look for pet-friendly varieties, or make your own natural concoctions.

These are a few ways to stop pet poisoning. Keep these in mind, enjoy your best friends’ time, and let them stay healthy and happy.

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