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Understanding The Therapeutic Effects of Cleaning

Cleaning or housework likely ranks low on the list of things you love doing. It’s got a bad rap for being tedious, dull, or just a plain hassle. It’s easier to call professionals, like companies that offer air duct cleaning services to do the work for you. But what if it has fantastic benefits apart from a fresh and sparkling physical space?

Did you know that cleaning not only works outside of you but can also give your mind and soul a thorough makeover too?

Here are more reasons to love this misunderstood chore.

It Gives You Glorious Moments to Yourself

When you’ve got a husband and children to take care of, your hands are pretty much full all the time. But when you’re in cleaning mode, everyone pretty much leaves you alone. This is the time you truly have for yourself and even if you’d really rather be loafing on the couch or reading a book, cleaning still allows you the much-needed space to clear your head and have some precious moments of silence.

It’s A Nifty Form of Meditation

There’s something truly zen about washing the dishes, dusting your shelves, or making the bed. Maybe it’s the repetition of movements or the hypnotic way the suds form on your plates. It can also be the way a space suddenly becomes clear of dust and dirt with a wipe of a cloth. Whether you get lost in thought about clearing and putting the order in other areas in your life or if you leave your mind blank as your body gets to work, there is a definite feel of peace or sometimes even pure bliss as you surrender to the task at hand.

It’s A Great Exercise

cleaning the counter in the kitchen

Instead of bemoaning having no time to hit the gym, why not explore the full fitness benefits of cleaning? All the stretching, twisting, bending and moving around keeps you from being sedentary and keeps your blood flowing and your heart pumping.

Put some music on and really get into it, doubling mopping duties with a chance to show off your dancing skills. The key is to know that you’re also doing something good for your body so you are conscious about maximizing your movements and keeping a correct posture as you do so.

It’s Quite An Accomplishment

As with any job, having cleaned and cleaned well is very satisfying. Once you take a step back and see how you’ve successfully put a chaotic house into a peaceful dwelling place, you are instantly awashed with good feelings. Now you can rest and enjoy a good book in your newly cleaned place.

Cleaning has many benefits for your heart, soul, mind, and body. If you can just shift your perspective and turn it into a relaxing and therapeutic activity, then you’ve just made quality time for yourself. For added fun, light some scented candles, put some good music on, and have a glass of wine as you clean. You’ve just made a date with yourself, too.

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