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Here’s What You’ll Probably Forget on Your Wedding Day

There are countless things to plan when having a wedding. From the venue, catering, and photographer, you want to ensure everything goes into your plan. If you want to have plain wedding bands, it’s important to coordinate with a jeweler early on because you don’t want to be like those couples who forget their wedding rings on their big day.

Don’t spend the entire day of your wedding worried about something. To help you out, here are the top things you probably forget to do on your wedding day.

Plan B for Bad Weather

Most couples forget to have a contingency plan if bad weather turns up on their wedding day. This very much applies to outdoor weddings held in quite unpredictable climates. Often, couples get so caught up with the entire wedding planning that they forget to have a plan B.

If you plan to have your wedding in an outdoor venue, make sure to have a plan in the event of inclement weather. Coordinate with the venue coordinator to set an alternative in case you cannot use the outdoor venue on your wedding day.

Although you may be holding the wedding in the middle of the summer months, make sure to take into account rain, severe cold fronts, or how hot and sunny it will get. The last thing you want is to see your guests fend for themselves.

Appointing a Point-person

Some brides tend to be so overconfident with their event planning skills that they ditch the idea of having a point person for their wedding. Most bridges forget this, as they assume they will simply answer their phone and get everything done. The truth is, weddings will always be a whirlwind day for couples. Still, it’s important not to spoil the essence of the celebration by adding more responsibilities and problems to your list.

The first point of contact will come in handy on your big day. This is someone willing to take all the burden from coordinating with your wedding vendors to making last-minute adjustments on the day of your wedding. You can choose from your family members, friends, or anyone who will be at your wedding party.

When assigning a point person, make sure to trust them enough to handle all the complexities of your wedding. If possible, choose someone who has skills in event organizing or anyone reliable and organized to handle things but can maintain a cool head when an unexpected problem emerges. Having a point person doesn’t mean you should entrust the whole wedding day for them to handle. They should be able to access you in case a decision has to be made, but they will still take all the calls as you keep yourself busy from the ceremony to the reception.

Transportation After the Reception

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This may sound pretty basic, but it’s something many couples forget on their wedding day, particularly after the celebration. Just because you’re done planning the reception doesn’t mean you’re done with your wedding plan. You also have to consider how you will go home after the reception, whether it’s the hotel, airport, or your home.

In destination weddings, most couples tend to prioritize the transportation for their guests from the reception to their assigned accommodation. While there’s no problem with this, it’s important not to forget the star of the celebration, which is you and your spouse. You have the option to use your car on your wedding day, but very few couples do this on their wedding day because they are already too tired to drive themselves. Of course, you don’t want to be calling a taxi in your wedding dress because you forgot to arrange the transportation after the reception.

Talk to your friends or family if anyone is willing to stay after the reception to help you and your partner get to the next destination.

Practice Your Wedding Vows

Okay, so your wedding vows don’t have to be perfectly written and delivered, but it’s something that should be memorable and powerful enough to move your future spouse. Some couples simply write a wedding vow without even going through it. This means you have to read through them at least once or twice to prepare yourself before the actual vow delivery.

Although it’s okay to lose your poise while reading your vows, you obviously want them to sound good for your partner and something that will look good on the wedding video!

With so many things happening on your wedding day, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important things. We hope the examples above have given you an idea of the possible things you’re likely to forget at your wedding. To avoid these mistakes, starting the wedding plan earlier can help the entire planning process a breeze for you.

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