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Creative Places for Business Meetings Outside of the Office

There’s nothing quite like an office regarding getting work done. But why limit yourself? There are plenty of other places outside the office where you can host a business meeting that will inspire creativity and collaboration. Here are some great places to consider when looking for new venues for your next gathering.

Coffee Shops

A coffee shop is one of the most popular alternatives to the traditional office setting. Its relaxed atmosphere and ample seating make it the perfect spot for a quick meeting.

Coffee shops provide an informal environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. For example, the presence of other customers can offer a unique source of inspiration and insight. You can also conduct brainstorming sessions among colleagues. Also, the free-flowing coffee gives everyone an extra boost during long meetings.

Just make sure to order something! There is a variety of snacks and drinks that can give your team a much-needed break from the office grind.


Many museums offer private rooms or spaces that can be rented out for meetings and presentations. These spaces provide a change of scenery from the usual office environment.

An array of unique visuals can help spark creative ideas and conversations during your meetings. This also makes museums great venues for team-building exercises. Activities such as art projects or guided tours provide a hands-on experience that can help your team bond.

Museums also often have on-site catering, which can be very helpful for large meetings and presentations. Furthermore, you can always take a break from the conference to explore the museum and its collections.


Looking for a more intimate setting? Consider hosting your meeting at a restaurant instead of the office.

This option is advantageous if you need to entertain clients or impress potential investors during your meeting. Restaurants also foster productive conversations with colleagues in a more casual environment. They also provide a wide range of food and drink options that everyone can enjoy.

When choosing a restaurant, consider the atmosphere and decor. Is it formal or casual? Elegant or rustic? Choose one that best fits your meeting’s purpose, and reserve enough space for your team.

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Golf Course

If you’re looking for a more active type of meeting, renting out a golf course and investing in durable folding golf carts could be the perfect option for your team. Not only can it provide some much-needed fresh air during the meeting, but it’s also an excellent way to bond with colleagues after hours.

Golf courses have plenty of space for larger groups, often offering discounts if multiple people are playing. Specifically, they have clubhouses where you can conduct meetings and enjoy refreshments. This makes it a great place to talk with a potential client or make an important presentation.

Moreover, playing a few rounds of golf is a great way to reward your team for their hard work. It can help everyone relax and de-stress from the demands of the office environment.


If you’re looking for an outdoor setting, try holding your meetings in parks or other scenic locations near your workplace or home base. This option provides fresh air and natural light, which will help keep everyone alert during long discussions.

Parks also provide a peaceful backdrop that encourages thoughtful conversation without any distractions from technology or work-related stressors. You can hold team-building activities in parks, such as picnics or nature walks. Furthermore, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while remaining productive.

Check if the park requires special permits for large meetings or events. Also, pack a few blankets and chairs to ensure everyone is comfortable during your session.


Libraries are often overlooked as potential venues for business meetings. They can provide just the right combination of productivity and focus needed to get through essential topics quickly and efficiently without interruption from external sources. Mobile phones and chatty co-workers can be distracting during meetings.

The library’s quiet atmosphere helps reduce distractions so everyone involved can focus on the task. Additionally, they have Audio Visual Rooms or AVR equipped with all the necessary technology for presentations and video conferencing. Ensure to book a room in advance as they are often in demand. Furthermore, check if any special regulations or restrictions apply to significant events like business meetings.

Furthermore, most libraries provide free Wi-Fi access and other resources that can be beneficial for presentations or team projects. Many also have smaller meeting spaces available for smaller groups of people.

Conducting business meetings in the same place can be tiring. Considering these options for hosting productive sessions outside your traditional work environment is better. From coffee shops to libraries, there’s no shortage of creative venues that offer inspiring new perspectives on approaching important conversations with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Get creative with your next business gathering venue and see how it helps bring new ideas into focus!

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