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Improving Property Value: Patio Rooms and Amenities

As the housing market starts picking up steam and experiences a steady recovery from the initial effects of the global pandemic, we’re seeing a good number of people going back into real estate and a healthy amount of excited homebuyers looking for a house. Of course, while the statistics and demand aren’t as high as we’d like them to be, such as before the pandemic fallout, any increase in demand is welcomed as more stimulus checks come to help most people.

Given this context, it is imperative to anyone’s success in the real estate business that they reallocate their resources to home appreciation, acquiring more properties, and getting the most out of refinancing mortgage loans. So, today we’ll be focusing on the subject of home appreciation and increasing property value, specifically the opportunity behind adding patio rooms and amenities to your next real estate project. We’ll be looking into some of the most worthwhile patio additions you can invest in now and their distinct benefits.

Maximizes Functional Space

Before anything else, the number one reason that makes patios a worthwhile investment in the long-term is because they maximize the functional living space of a home and extend it to the outside. Whether it’s detached from the house or directly connected to the home, the personal flavor and aesthetic it provides give you a lot of room to work with and not much space for error.

Plus, there’s also the benefit of budget versatility, and the bigger the project you take on will proportionally scale the appreciation you can expect from that renovation. Overall, unless you’re incredibly under-experienced with medium to large-scale projects, then there are potentially zero downsides to adding beautiful patio rooms and amenities to your next real estate project.

Patio Room Designs

While adding patio rooms and amenities is one thing, design and aesthetic is an entirely different skill. Lucky for us, there are plenty of general patio room designs you can follow and start with before moving on to more complex projects. Feel free to choose which patio room style would work best with the property and bring out the most value.

#1 Under-Deck Patio

Getting the most out of a home means utilizing every nook and cranny to its maximum potential, leaving no stone unturned and guaranteeing that you’ve done all you could that can appreciate the property value. With that said, no patio room design achieves this principle better than an under-deck patio. The sun-filled perch up top can be contrasted with a relaxing and shaded patio underneath.

  • Beautifies a Second-story Walk-out Decks: Yes, walk-out decks are beautiful, and especially for families that enjoy taking in the warmth of the sun or stepping outside while taking a sip from their coffee, this is an amazing selling point. However, this often leaves the lower area less pleasant, nothing but a dark and chilly nook with no practical use. But, with an under-deck patio, you’re getting the best of both worlds and the most value.
  • Must Install Runoff Gutters: As a side note, you must install runoff gutters if you plan to build an under-deck patio room because most walk-out decks typically don’t have water runoff protection for whatever’s underneath. Plus, connecting joist and collector panels to a drainpipe also increases the lifespan and improves the build’s durability.

a patio under the sun

#2 Patio Enclosure

If you don’t have the luxury of a second-story walk-out deck directly above you, our next recommendation would be building a patio enclosure, which blends the benefits of openness and peaceful sunlight into one. It takes a contemporary approach to design and works best with homes going for a more modern-rustic look but can be tailored to match any wood tones.

  • Open-Air Arbor and Pergola: Open-air arbors and pergolas are often found in more high-class homes, and while you could definitely proceed with DIY, it’s still a bit uncommon to find them in most real estate projects. However, a patio enclosure comes off as a cross between the two, with relatively more functional space and a fraction of the price. All you’d need is comfy seating and furniture to match.
  • Extra Protection: By adding side panels, you’re also getting extra protection because they act as buffers to elements and harmful UV light rays. Plus, they give that extra bit of privacy screening, making it appear more comfortable and appealing to most homebuyers.

#3 Screened-Patio Room

Finally, if you want something more subtle and directly connected to the home but still checks off all the boxes for a functional patio room, we recommend building a screened-patio room. The goal is relatively simple; all you need is to enclose the space with posts and cover it all around with a screen. This allows you to maintain healthy warmth and fresh air while keeping away all the pesky bugs and insects. Screened-patio rooms also make for excellent garden spaces, and if you think that’s a personal touch that the property needs, this is your safest and most affordable way of installing one.

Getting the Most Out of the Backyard

Overall, the real estate business is all about home appreciation, and as demand rises this 2021, we can’t be caught on our butts without homes ready for potential buyers and renters. So, take our advice of adding patio rooms and amenities and get the most appreciation out of the backyard.

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