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Six Questions to Ask Yourself When House Hunting

Choosing a new home is both exciting and intimidating. Moving means you’re getting a fresh start — you get rid of what doesn’t work for you anymore and find the right things you need.

At the same time, you also don’t know what that new life will have in store for you. The impressions you’d get when visiting a prospective property would not necessarily be the same once you spend weeks, months, years in that place. Our home environment affects how we will be living our lives, so we want to be cautious in deciding our new home.

There is no ready-made guide as to what your new home should be. Each person or family has unique needs and wants. So what we have here are questions that would help you think about what you should be looking for when you go out and check those properties being offered.

1. What kind of neighbors do you want?

Our budget rather than ourselves usually determines the selection of the kind of neighborhoods we could live in. That’s the most common mistake people do. Rather than find means to be able to live in their preferred community, people would choose to rent cheap apartments in bad locations because they are bigger and maybe nicer looking than their options in the better neighborhoods. Remember that however nice your house or apartment may be, peace of mind is still what’s most important. This should be at the top of the list.

2. How long will you be living there?

Of course, how long you would stay in that place would also affect what sacrifices you are willing to make when deciding. For example, if you will be living in an apartment for just six months while your house is being renovated, you might prefer a place that won’t cost much since you are spending for your house. You could then sacrifice the size and the amenities offered in your temporary accommodation. But even if you are just staying a short time, make sure that you won’t get stressed living there.

3. What do you want to see outside your window?

looking outside of window

Do you want to see endless horizons, rooftops, skyscrapers, or are you okay with seeing a firewall every day when you wake up? For each person, it would be different. There are people who would love the bustle of the city coming into their homes. Others prefer the solitude and would want a peaceful sanctuary once they are inside their homes. Studies show that your personal environment can greatly impact on you. So do not disregard these simple things as the scenery around you or the lack of it. In the long run, it can help support your mental health.

4. What do you usually do when you are home?

What you or the members of your family would be doing at home should be considered when considering the amount of space that you would need. If one of your housemates, for example, is fond of singing and would want to do home karaoke from time to time, you should either be okay hearing the music (or noise) or have a separate room where that individual could indulge in his or her hobby. Your home should not be restrictive nor should it be torture to other people who share the same space. If you are living alone, still think of what you usually do. Do you like having friends over? Will people be staying at your place from time to time? Do you have a dog?

5. Does the entire size of the house suit your need for space?

Continuing from the previous question, think of the area you need. Unless you have plans of doing major renovations — like extending the house, adding floors — which will cost more, pick a house that has the ideal number of rooms and a layout that is convenient for you. Things like doors, windows, and dividers can be added later on, but at least your frame is already there.

6. Do you want your own home, or are you okay with living in a building with hundreds of other people?

People prefer one over the other for various reasons. Some are scared of living alone in individualized homes for security reasons. The same security reason can also make other people want to live in their own home because they don’t want to share communal spaces with strangers. Don’t think that you can sacrifice this just because the price offered is good. Similar to the issue of the neighborhoods, this preference for the kind of housing also affects your peace of mind.

These are just a few basic questions for you to reflect on when looking to move. You might have other quirks you want to consider. At the end of the day what is important is that your new home should complement the life that you want to live.

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