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Up and Coming Places to Live In

Considering the neighborhood, city, or county is one of the first steps to house-hunting. We need to know that the place we’re planning to settle in would be a good place for the family. It should inspire us to lead stable and happy lives.

But in a country as big as the United States, choosing a city to live in can be daunting. There are a little less than 20 thousand options to choose from. So to help you decide where you want to live, we’ve narrowed down the list for you. These are five of the best cities and counties you can live in today.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The local government of Minneapolis is on track to creating a booming downtown with a $2 billion Big Build initiative. The natives aim to develop the underutilized city to create more job opportunities and draw in more tourists.

You can settle in a neighborhood such as Bryn Mawr. Parks and lakes surround it, perfect for a growing family looking to spend more time together. The temperature can drop to subzero degrees, but people have no problems working around it. They clear the snow on the roads. They do pressure washing to make the concrete less slippery. Then they go on with their days.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with the city where Prince proudly heralded in. This goes to show that the city breeds outstanding talent.

Arlington, Virginia

Arlington has always been an appealing neighborhood both for families and individuals looking to build their careers. This is mostly because of how it’s often seen as an extension of Washington D.C. It’s where a lot of government officials settled down.

And the career opportunities in this area would rise even higher because it’s the future home of one of the two locations of Amazon’s HQ2. This would open up jobs for many industries, especially tech.

But Arlinton is so much more than a commercial and political hub. The county also boasts a diverse culture. It’s a great place to meet people from all different walks of life.

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Austin, Texas

Sometimes, the best places to live in come with a hefty price tag. No matter how appealing the school district is for your children or how rich the career options are, it’s no use if you can’t afford to live there.

This is why Austin is ranked as the third best city to live in by the U.S. News & World Report in 2019. This is proven by the fact that about 150 new residents settle down there every day.

It appeals to millennials because of its live music scene. It’s where major music festivals such as South by Southwest and Austin City Limits are held. But it’s also appealing to those who strive to build a career. Having nicknamed “Silicon Hills,” it’s perceived as one of the best places for venture capitalist investments.

Denver, Colorado

While Austin is the third best place to live in, Denver is the second. It’s currently experiencing an economic boom. This is due to the growing availability of tech jobs. Experts at the University of Colorado found that this economic boom would rise even higher in the next couple of months.

Although cities such as Denver are more appealing to millennials, families would enjoy it as well. This is because the city boasts excellent parks and always encourages people to enjoy the city by walking.

Families can also enjoy an array of leisure activities in the city. They can go on ski trips in the nearby mountains. They can go on tour in historic mountain towns such as Breckenridge.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Again, affordability makes a city popular with people looking for places to settle down in. Grand Rapids is the perfect place for people who are striving for stable jobs for their families. Other up-and-coming cities are proud of their rising availability of tech jobs. But Grand Rapids is proud to offer many opportunities in education and healthcare. What’s even better is that many of their opportunities also cater to workers who don’t have college degrees.

It’s also the perfect place for families who love outdoor recreational activities. They have multiple parks where families can go camping.

When you’re house-hunting, there are many things to consider, many boxes to tick off on your list. Is the house big enough for your family? Are the schools in the district competitive and high-quality? Is it close to a center of commerce, where you can build a sustainable career? Are the people around you friendly and kind?

Knowing these five options should help you decide which one of them you would want to build your life in.

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