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3 Tasks That Your Office Can Outsource

The more employees you have, the more money you have to spend to rent office space. Some places are more expensive than others. In Los Angeles, for instance, the average office space will cost you $6,702 per year per employee. This can get expensive if you have many employees. The cost of renting more office space to accommodate everyone may outweigh the revenues that you get from hiring them. For that reason, you would do well to outsource some of the services that your business may require. So, what services should you let other professional companies handle on your behalf?

1. Cleaning services

Your LA office does not require cleaning every minute of every single day. According to PayScale, an average cleaner deserves a salary that ranges anywhere from $18,300 to $42,500 — and that is just one cleaner. If you need more cleaners for the entire office space, then it would cost more. Even though cleaning is not an activity that takes place all the time, you may have to pay a full-time salary to the staff you will employ. The costs can add up quickly if you do not make plans. For that reason, you should consider outsourcing your office cleaning services to a professional instead. This will enable you to have your office cleaned while only paying for the hours worked. This, in turn, will allow your business to incur lower cleaning costs all throughout.

2. Security services

security services

How many security services do you need for your office? Is it sustainable for you to hire a full-time security team? Unless you are a government contractor dealing with sensitive products or a business dealing with classified information, you may have to consider outsourcing security services. Training your own guards and keeping your own servers may be too expensive. Instead of taking on every aspect of securing your business, you can choose to outsource all or part of it. There are companies that provide security guards. You pay for having them, but other aspects of managing those guards like training will be the responsibility of the company you partner with. The same rule applies to servers that hold surveillance data and information. There are data centers that can provide storage at different levels. You do not have to do it all, and your business will experience better revenues if you outsource some of the work.

3. Financial services

With some basic knowledge, you will be able to run your business on a day-to-day basis. However, you may need a chief financial officer (CFO) to make sense of some of your financial information at certain times of the year. Considering that the average CFO requires an annual salary of about $133,000, you need to think carefully about whether you need one full time. If your business profits will be compromised, you should consider outsourcing financial services. By hiring them when only needed, you will save a lot of money. Conclusion Running a business can be expensive since it involves a lot of expenses. For that reason, you should outsource cleaning, financial, security services, etc. Doing so will help you cut costs significantly while enabling you to obtain those services when you need them.

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