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North Melbourne: Your New Home

Mention the name “North Melbourne,” and you’ll probably think of hip, cool, over-your-budget houses in a gentrified neighborhood. And while that’s not technically wrong, North Melbourne has a lot to offer that make it one of the most lucrative investments you can make in Victoria’s capital city.

With land for sale selling out fast, it’s essential to get on that investment train as early as possible. As the world starts to heal from the pandemic of 2020, North Melbourne is set to be the next big neighborhood for young families looking to start their life.

Where Exactly is North Melbourne?

When we say ‘North Melbourne,’ we usually mean the neighborhood north of the city’s CBD, a quaint but thriving area bordered by Parkville to the north, West Melbourne to the south, Carlton on the east, and Kensington on the West.

What’s in North Melbourne?

Perhaps North Melbourne’s most well-known charm comes from the plethora of boutique shops and restaurants all along Errol street and Victoria street. North Melbourne is also home to one of the city’s most vibrant art communities, specifically along Arts House, the home of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

North Melbourne is a textbook example of ‘urban living.’ Amidst the rows of colorful warehouse apartments and cultural landmarks are green parks and tree-lined streets that make it an ideal home for both single folk and young families. It’s a stone’s throw away from downtown, making it suitable for people who might not own a car.

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While some of the buildings in North Melbourne are a few decades old, the neighborhood is undergoing constant updates to bring it squarely into the 21st century. Of course, majority of these developments are trying to keep the neighborhood’s small-town charm by sticking to the old world aesthetics, but this doesn’t mean that North Melbourne is stuck in the past: it’s home to the North Melbourne Recreation Centre, a modern facility equipped with the latest aquatic sports equipment and acts as the neighborhood’s stadium complex.

Between the rising, modern buildings and old-world apartments are commercial and industrial facilities that keep North Melbourne’s economy going: car yards, small manufacturing plants, warehouses, and different offices all serve as workplaces for the neighborhood’s diverse population.

Why is North Melbourne So Unique?

North Melbourne is unique because it is home to one of Australia’s most diverse populations. It’s a real multicultural hub that is home to ethnic communities from the world over. It’s home to immigrants from China, Malaysia, and as far away as Somalia and Eritrea, and is the perfect place for them to live out the Australian dream. This strong multicultural effect has created a neighborhood that has fantastic food and cultural touchpoints from all around the world. It’s truly reflective of the rich diversity Australia has to offer.

North Melbourne residents can choose between period housing, walkups, and highrises. And there’s a home for pretty much all kinds of folk, whether you’re a young, single, urbanite looking to make it in the big city, or if you’re a family ready to settle down and start a life. Whatever it is, North Melbourne is the new home you’ve been looking for.

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